Custom Metal Fabricators

A provider of precision sheet metal fabrication services since 1969, Custom Metal Fabricators, Inc. offers customers cost effective fabrication solutions by combining our utilization of advanced technology with over 325 years of cumulative experience to produce quality products, on-time and to specification.

Our sheet metal fabrication services include Laser Cutting, CNC Punching, Forming, Rolling, Welding, Finishing, and a variety of Machine Shop Services. Our Capabilities include the ability to fabricate parts ranging from stainless steel, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, galvanized and exotic metals.

Custom Metal Fabricators has the Experience and flexibility to work with Customers ranging from multi-national corporations to independent proprietors seeking to prototype a part. We take great pride not only in our commitment to quality, but also our track record of supplying effective and dependable fabrication services for our customers.

Our Work

We have fabricated a diverse mix of custom engineered products for customers across industries.

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Custom Is Our Differentiation

Adaptable Capabilities Delivering Customized Solutions

We deploy a complementary offering of fabrication technologies to produce engineered parts to tolerance levels +/- 0.010". Our equipment has the capacity to handle lengths up to 10 ft. and thicknesses of 5/8" for Steel, 1/4" for Aluminum and 3/8" for Stainless Steel.
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The Custom Metal Way:
Customer-Focused Value Creation
Our mission is to generate value for our customers by offering efficient, reliable and consistent fabrication services. We treat our customers with respect, professionalism and honesty; we strive to deliver quality parts, on-time; we work collaboratively to build long-term relationships. We call it the "Custom Metal Way."
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Our Services

Whether in large quantities or for low volume / high mix production runs, we provide precision sheet metal fabrication services to meet our customers exact specifications and requirements.

Some Of Our Customers

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Our Brochure




Feel free to browse our brochure for a quick snapshot of our capabilities. If you would like to view this brochure in all of its glory on Slideshare, click below!